Our Journey

We pride ourselves on responsible fragrance 
sourcing as we create an evocative experience for all. 

Àṣẹ (pronounced AH-SHAY) Is a West African Yoruba philosophical concept that conceives the power to make all things happen. Àṣẹ is loosely defined as "It is so!" 

Your Àṣẹ is the divine energy that makes everything, everything! To be among the Upper Echelon is to have the highest level of command, authority, or rank. When you combine the two, it embodies a degree of self-enjoyment and luxury for each individual. 

Àṣẹ Echelon is the true essence of self-absoluteness to do, to be, to feel, and to envision all things through your own Àṣẹ !
Àṣẹ Echelon was created to celebrate and capture the essence of black womanhood through the storytelling of SeneGambian influence and culture.

Manifested in home and body fragrances that create luxury experiences for healing, confidence, love, and power.

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Our Brand Identity

The visual identity of Asé Echelon tells a beautiful story that is influenced by West African culture. Our brand illustrations are inspired by Adinkra symbols that come from the Akan peoples of Ghana. These symbols represent the essence of luxury, healing, confidence, love, and power.

Ase Echelon Candles

Our Candles

Each candle is curated to create a blissful experience for the consumer to enjoy at home or any sanctuary they find inner peace in.

We are able to maintain quality control over our candles since they are poured in small batches. Every candle is examined, and we try to avoid sending out any candles with flaws. 

Our candle fragrances are free from phthalates and other synthetic ingredients to adhere to Research Institute of Fragrance Materials (RIFM) and International Fragrance Association (IFRA) standards for your safety and purity.

Our Scents

Our wearable fragrances allow each user to luxuriate in all that the scents have to offer.

Our fragrances are enhanced with natural herbs and enriching oils that are skin safe and allow the wearer to luxuriate in all the scents have to offer. Our scents include safe cosmetic-grade preservatives that are meant to maintain quality and prolong shelf-life.

Our Founder

Mbachur Mbenga

Mbachur's love for scents and fragrances started as a child with her mother burning a fragrant oleoresin called Churrai* which is a customary Senegambian practice that many households do to keep the air in the home clear and flagrant all day. Her mother would light the stove with a tin can, set it on low and begin to allow the aromatic scents to fill every inch of their home whether it was after a meal, before a prayer, or even to welcome in visiting guests.

Growing up in Washington, DC, it was almost a rite of passage to buy or be gifted your first parfum body oil and pack of incense from your local “oil man” along with the quintessential collection of body splashes from popular retail stores.

Mbachur began to grow a collection of fragrance oils that then evolved into making samples for friends and family and has now become the home and fragrance brand, Asé Echelon.

In the heart of her entrepreneurial journey lies a profound tribute to her Senegambian roots, an ancestry steeped in the vibrant tapestry of culture, tradition, and a rich olfactory history. From the bustling markets of Dakar to the serene riverbanks of The Gambia, every essence, every memory, breathes life into the luxurious scents that define this brand.

As a mental health practitioner, studying human emotion and behavior is a constant learning experience. One of her most interesting findings was studying how scents play an essential role in the physiological effects of mood, stress, and day-to-day activities. The link between positive moods and emotions such as relaxation, elation, sensuality, and bliss that are brought on by stimulating scents have been measured scientifically and known for a long time dating back to Ancient Egypt.

As a fellow fragrance lover, and an indie perfumer, Mbachur wants to personally contribute to the growing space of creatives in the fragrance world, especially Black Women, and bring her personal Asé to the space of luxury fragrances and home goods. 

Welcome to Asé Echelon, where every spray of perfume, light of candle of incense is a celebration of our shared heritage, a journey of scent and soul.

Churrai is a traditional blend of wood shavings, aromatic plants, and roots soaked with perfume and other woods and resins like sandalwood, amber, and oud.
Please visit this website to learn more about the history and culture of churrai.